Total body workout circuit style.  This class offers stations of cardio, strength, balance, and core training focus.   

Master's Class Descriptions


Master's Class Descriptions

CORE 60 

This class focuses on movements that challenge and train the "core", the powerhouse of muscles that are the foundation for stability and balance.  Improving core strength and stability will help prevent injuries related to the low back area and promote good posture and mobility in the hips and upper back.  



Focus on maintaining and strengthening muscles used in functional movement through the use of hand weights, steps, balls and bands.  

Master's Class Descriptions



Enhance your muscle strength during training with the use of machines and free weights in the main gym.  If you are over 50 and want to enhance your strength with free weights and machines, this class is for you! 

Master's Class Descriptions



Enhance your balance and mobility.  A variety of equipment is used along with body weight exercises and cardio moves in a room setting.  

Master's Class Descriptions



Focus on strength, core stability, and balance training through the use of TRX Suspension Straps.  TRX incorporates balance and stability with each movement. 

Master's Class Descriptions



Practice postures (asanas) and stretches in combination with breath to develop flexibility, strength, core stability, and balance training.

Master's Class Descriptions

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