Personal Training


Personal Training

Find the right trainer for you! We have a wide variety of trainers that will help you find the power to reach your goal of a healthier lifestyle. All of the POWERWORKS personal trainers are nationally certified or have a fitness-related degree. They are contract employees that determine their own individual price packages. You do not have to be a member of POWERWORKS to train with our personal trainers. Email us at to find the right trainer for you!   
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Athletic Performance

Powerworks Fitness Athletic Performance Center will take you through an extensive development process that will help you further reach your goals.  Every program is designed to be sport-specific to meet the needs of each individual athlete.  Any serious athlete, 7th grade and up, should consider what they need to do to prepare for their upcoming season, as well as what they could be up against in college. 
The extensive process begins with testing each player, undergoing sport-specific training, programs monitoring to ensure improvement, as well as nutrition homework, sports psychology, and improving mental development for focus on the game.  You will also receive a personal record paradigm of testing.  
Each trainer brings sport-specific knowledge to the areas of their expertise and every athlete will be working with the trainer best suited for their sport needs. All Athletic Development team members are USAW Sports Performance Coach Certified. The trainers have systematic approaches to achieve improvement in their particular sports. For more information, please contact Josh Waggoner at (217) 836-3933.

Performance 18 Golf

Performance 18 Golf Fitness Training is a 6 week program that will focus on improving mobility, flexibility and stability in the many areas relative to golf - in order to improve physical conditioning and ultimately your golf game. Phase I in the training program includes a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) assessment consisting of 16 physical screens relative to the mechanics of the golf swing. The TPI Screens quickly identify any physical limitations that may be causing swing inefficiencies and provide a blueprint or training plan of corrective exercise. Knowing where your own structural weaknesses are and retraining the body for strength will improve joint mobility, and ultimately your overall game.
Players will learn to engage the right muscles in the correct sequence to improve efficiency in the back swing and downswing. Through awareness and specific movement drills and repetition you will learn how to optimize your body for golf. That means, more mobility, rotational strength, club head speed, distance and accuracy for any golfer at any level.  
Phase II in the Performance 18 program will include strength and power testing and builds on the foundation of training completed in Phase I. In Phase II, the training program will focus on effective power and strength progressions to improve swing speed and ultimate distance. Training packages are available for individual golfers, two persons or groups of 3 or more. For more information contact Lex Bitner at, or visit

Small-Group Training for Women

Kick start your training with a strength and conditioning program built around proven sculpting tools: barbells, dumbbells, TRX and more!
Don't just train what you see in the mirror. Instead, target your whole body as you maximize your time in the gym and achieve your fitness goals in a fun group training session. Work with a certified Powerworks Fitness Trainer in groups of 3 or 4 people. No workout will repeat itself.  
Grab your BFF's and get started! Sign up with one of our trainers as a group, or as an individual and we will place you in a group. Training sessions are weekly and are set by your trainer based on your schedules.  
Group meets once a week: $80/person ($20/week per person)
Group meets twice a week: $160/person ($40/week per person)

Total Body 360

Savings of up to 50% off cost of personal training!

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